GA Color Mode – An Innovative Idea

In MKWatchface, we strive to create beautiful, yet functional watch faces for Sports Enthusiasts but not only. 

It turns out that this is not always an easy task. Many times we need to find new, innovative ways to display data, open apps or change colors on a watch face while keeping a simple, readable, uncluttered and functional design.

In the past we have been using the “tap to reveal” technique to create uncluttered designs where the user can tap on a certain area of the watch face to hide / show data, giving the ability to create classic designs which can turn to “sporty” with a single tap.

We have been combining the above technique with the famous “App Drawer” feature introducing a different way of opening apps and using shortcuts. Now the watch faces look more realistic as much as are functional.

Lately, we have been working on a concept where we would use inputs from the watch gyroscope to change colors on certain areas of the watch face. That’s how the “GA Color Mode” was born.

GA Color Mode

The "GA Color Mode" or "Gyro Activated Color mode" is the latest innovation from MKWatchface. In this mode, the colors of the watch face are blended to each other based on the watch movement.
This mode works individually from the traditional color changing methods, where the user taps or double taps a certain area on the face to change color. In fact, it works in parallel with these methods.

If GA Color Mode is activated, the color of certain areas on the watch face is changing as the user walks, or during exercise, creating a beautiful effect that gives the impression of a more dynamic watch face. Selecting complementary colors create a soft shift in the color and can be used for example in a digital screen, while selecting contrasting colors create a more dynamic effect used to drop attention. But where the method really excels, is when using gradients.

 Want to see it in action? Please watch the following video.

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1 thought on “GA Color Mode – An Innovative Idea

  1. Gopal Goenka Reply

    GA Color mode – it’s really a wonderful innovation. Never seen something so unique and it gives the watchface a separate identity. Thanks for your unique and marvellous creation. All the very best for this watchface.
    Thanks and regards.
    Gopal Goenka.

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