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“Preceux” is our yet best watch face having a great sporty look and supporting multiple colors. With “Preceux” you have the ability to customize the index, background and gauge color and style, selecting from 4 main materials, allowing you to achieve the best look on your watch.


1) 4 different materials (Graphite / Bronze / Silver / Gold)
2) Shuffle between 66 material combinations and styles
3) 12/24 HRS support*
4) Dual Time support**
5) Date in “dd MMM” format
6) Steps Count / steps goal completion
7) Hear Rate overview
8) Battery status


1) Battery Status (double tap the PWR gauge)
2) Samsung health (double tap the STP gauge)
3) Heart Rate Measurement (double tap the HR gauge)
4) Schedule (double tap the seconds {digital})
5) Dual Time (tap the digital clock)
6) Recent Apps (tap the “Preceux” logo)
7) Change background (tap on index at 6)
8) Change gauge color / style (tap at the center of the watch)

Exchanged Steps Shortcut with Samsung Health
Added Dual Time Support (on 24HRS Format)


*12/24 HRS format according to the settings on the connected phone
** Dual Time selection is available on the 24HRS format only


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1 review for MK009 – Preceux

  1. QBall45

    MK009 – Preceux
    I knew when I first saw this watch face that I had to have it in my collection. MKWatchface has set the hybrid watch face rather high in my opinion. While so will say that this is just another hybrid in a vast ocean of hybrid watch faces I disagree. Preceux stands out from the crowd. You will see everything you expect from a traditional analog watch as well as what is expected from today’s digital watch face. The best of both worlds as they say when combined in this hybrid style. What you find is everything you need to get through your day. 24 hour digital clock, heart rate monitor, step counter, date, battery indicator and the hall of fame trademark of MKWatchface the hidden recent application drawer. After wearing this face almost all day I can think of only one thing that slightly bugs me. That one “thing” being the chunky looking analog watch hands. This does not negatively impact the functionality or general overall user experience. This is a simple cosmetic quirk that I quickly become accustomed to throughout the day. My overall experience today wearing MK009 – Preceux has been rather pleasant. I can easily say that I recommend that you purchase it. Overall my rating is 5 Stars. Well done! – Qball45

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